zApp 2.0

Source:Zugg Software

zApp allows you to create visual applications with a modern user interface
very quickly and inexpensively. Applications written with zApp can be freely
executed by any user with the free zApp Runtime package.

End-users who also purchase the zApp User package can completely customize
your application to meet their own needs. Not only can they change tool bars
and menus, but they can completely change the look and feel of the application
by modifying the XML file that controls the layout of the user interface. Using scripting languages, end-users can also add their own features or plugins to your application.
As a Developer you are thus able to both protect your intellectual property while
allowing 3rd parties to contribute plugins for your software.

Instead of the normal, plain Windows components, such as text boxes, buttons, etc, zApp provids you with a rich and powerful set of visual components. These components provide features such as as-you-type spellchecking, connections with a wide variety of data
sources, such as XML files, or SQL databases, and powerful COM-based objects
for managing tree and grid views of data. Because zApp is optimized for Windows, it
can use any scripting language that is compatible with the Windows Scripting Host.
This includes Visual Basic Script, Javascript, Perl, Python, and many other languages.
These scripting languages can be freely mixed you your application or in plugins. Routines written in one scripting language can even call routines written in other scripting languages.
When you purchase you get 2 years of free upgrades!

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OS:Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP

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